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Mineralienbörse Disentis (2009-2011)

2011 - Val Cavrein

On the mineral trade fair in Disentis in August numerous Strahlers exhibited alpine minerals from the region.

The special show 2010 was dedicated to the subject Gwindel from the Surselva and thrilled with beautiful and versatile specimens.

2010 - Gwindel from Graubünden

2009 Visit of the museum in Disentis

As always, the mineral exchange in Disentis at the beginning of August was a highlight for lovers and collectors of alpine minerals. But this event is now much more than a small mineral exchange for local collectors in a sports hall. Over the last few years Uniun Cristallina (Disentis Minerals Association) has managed to attract more and more visitors. This is partly due to the small but very good special show and on the other hand to the friendly and open atmosphere around the whole mineral exchange. Anyone who has been there (whether as a visitor or an exhibitor) keeps coming back! Many exhibitors, including well-known Strahlers, help the show to offer a versatile and high-quality offer. Despite the many visitors, there is still enough time to talk to the finders and buyers.

This year's theme was the Val Cavrein. In addition to a multitude of minerals, it has become famous especially for its Fadenquartz, water-clear Quartz (partly with Amiant) and Epidote. And those who still did not have enough after all the beautiful minerals, could walk to the Minerals Museum in the center in a few minutes. The museum was open throughout the weekend and is an absolute MUST!

Finally, I can rightly say that for me Disentis has become one of the most important alpine events in Europe, if not the most important ...

Here are a few more impressions about the show 2011. Many thanks to Remi Gadola and Meinrad Giger, that I may use their photos on my homepage!

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