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Strahlen 2016


As every Strahler knows, the days one can find a beautiful cleft full of crystals are far too rare. With a bit of bad luck, there are sometimes years without significant finds. Almost every Strahler (whether as a hobby or a job) will eventually raise doubts. Fortunately, we have left behind this dry spell this year and spent a wonderful mountain summer and could fill our backpacks with crystals multiple times. Even after one or the other beautiful stone, which I have been able to find so far, still experiencing the mountain and friendship are most important for me.

Therefor it was a successful year, because I could go on many beautiful mountain tours with good friends. Thanks especially to Marco and Tobi, not to forget Jürgen, Gig and Alex, with whom I tried to set a record in snow shoveling on the glacier ;-)

It was just perfect!

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