Seedorf mineral museum (2010-2018)


In mid-May, this year's mineral exhibition was again reopened at the Museum Seedorf. The really beautiful collectors' cabinets are accompanied this year by the special exhibition "Gwindel". Aside from enjoying the crystals I was also happy to see how many visitors came to the opening!

As always, a very successful opening that inspires for the upcoming Strahler season. The exhibition is open until mid-October - have a look!


The Mineral Museum in Seedorf reopened its doors in mid-May 2018, displaying various beautiful pieces from private collections focusing on iron roses and hematite.


Together with the opening of the passes and the arrival of spring always a great opportunity to meet his fellow strahlers after the "winter break" and "warm up" for the upcoming season.


As usual, the museum opening was accompanied by great music, food and one or two cold drinks!

Many thanks and compliments to the organizers! Do not miss!


Since 10.5.2014, the beautifully situated mineral museum in Seedorf is open again for the visitors.

 As every year, the new exhibition was duly celebrated with all sorts of delicacies. Despite the warm weather, numerous visitors returned to grilled meat, coffee, beer and cake in the marquee.

Of course, it was not just about the beautiful and new mineral exhibition, but also about the exchange of experience and the first plans for the Strahler season 2014. Here are a few photos of the newly fitted showcases:



The annually re-equipped exhibition is able to inspire thousands of visitors and was also opened this year with a small party.

In 16 showcases, Strahlers provide their best pieces from their private collections for one season. Crystals and minerals that are otherwise hidden from the public unfold their splendor in the museum.

Numerous Strahlers and collectors marveled at the new mineral specimens and there was plenty of time to exchange with friends and acquaintances over a beer and grilled meat.


The Mineral Museum in Seedorf (Uri / CH) opened after the winter break on 15.5.2010 with a really successful exhibition. This year, selected crystals from the canton of Valais will be presented additionally to the Uri minerals. Special mention must be made of the carefully restored exhibition rooms, whose old walls simply fit perfectly with such an exhibition. Despite the rather modest weather, on the opening day at least 200 visitors found their way to Seedorf and were warmly welcomed with hot drinks, schnapps and good food. As it started snowing heavily on the Oberalp Pass, I drove back to Sedrun quite early. I would have liked to stay longer and recommend to anyone to visit the museum.